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Yield Hunt is a game developing on the Avalanche blockchain, that utilizes all of the best features from the popular Wolf Game with a some crafty twists! The path has been set and they are hoping to become the best P2E option available on the Avalanche Network.

Malicious eyes are watching, adventurers need to be careful. Earn $GEM as your adventurer seeks it!

The Lore:

In a distant forest, lie immeasurable treasures named $GEM. They were discovered a Friday 13th night by a famous adventurer named Joe. Once he brought it back to town, an incredible amount of people started to search for this same treasure in order to become as rich as Joe.

Among this forest, adventurers will find $GEM, which can either be used to recruit more adventurers to search for more $GEM again or either to be sold.

The problem is, the adventurers aren’t the only ones interested in this fabulous forest full of $GEM. Some malicious people lurk in the forest, they will try to kidnap the brave adventurers. These are the greatest danger of the humans; the Hunters!

Although the common reputation of hunters is that they are psychopaths who want to kidnap poor adventurers, their real intentions actually are to kidnap adventurers and steal their $GEM.

The hunters usually stay at the forest edges, they never venture into it. As long as you keep searching for $GEM you should be fine. But if you try to leave it (Unstake) or to enter it ( Mint ) there is a chance a hunter finds you and kidnaps you. Be careful on your sacred treasure hunt.

Whatever happens, only one thing is certain, whether it is Hunters or Adventurers, a lot of people are going to become rich thanks to the incredible treasure $GEM is. Let’s begin the Yield Hunt!

Highlight of the game setup

  • Only 10,000 Gen 0 can be minted using 1.25/1.50 AVAX each ( WL/no-WL).

  • 10% chance to mint a Hunter / 90% chance to mint an Adventurer

  • Another 40,000 Gen 1 may only be minted using $GEM.

  • An adventurer can start searching for $GEM (Stake). However, an Adventurer trying to bring his treasure back to the village (Harvest) will always be spotted by a Hunter and will drop 20% of his $GEM during the run.

  • If an Adventurer is Unstaked (Can only be done if the Adventurer has accumulated 2 days worth of $GEM). The Hunters have a 50% chance to catch the Adventurers and all of its accumulated $GEM, therefore keeping it all for themselves.

  • When a new character (Adventurer or Hunter) is recruited and enters the forest (Mint), the Hunters will attempt to kidnap them (steal NFT | 10% chance of getting stole). If successful, only one Hunter will be rewarded with this kidnapping.

  • $GEM may be laundered (Staked) through the Temple to earn different currencies without any risk of $GEM being stolen.

  • To avoid a constant dump due to over-harvesting, Yield Hunt implemented a 0.01 AVAX fee for each NFT you harvest the $GEM of. If someone wants to harvest his 8 adventurers’ $GEM earnings, he’ll have to pay 0.08 AVAX. This will make everyone think twice before claiming.

What should you know about GEM?

The maximum supply of $GEM is 5,000,000,000

When the supply reaches 2,400,000,000 $GEM earned by stacking, the staking “faucet” turns off.

  • 600,000,000 $GEM will be kept for potential development like airdrop, burn, or to add liquidity.

  • The community reward will be allocated 2,000,000,000 $GEM.

  • $GEM will be launched shortly after the GEN0 mint ends. The liquidity pool will be at $300K at launch: $150k in $GEM (22 000 000 $GEM) and $150k in $AVAX. This liquidity will be totally locked in the official multisig.

Starting Pool: AVAX / GEM — This pool will be available directly with their partner TraderJoe.

  • Price of $GEM at launch will be: 0,0068 $ MINT

  • In total it will take 1 800 000 000 $GEM to mint all the NFTs.

WL PRICE : 1.25 AVAX (106$) PUBLIC PRICE : 1.5 AVAX (127$)

Are you ready to enter the forest?

Are you ready to enter the forest?

Thanks to their crafty setup, everyone will be able to play as risky as they want. Want to stay exposed to the market? You can, want to try to retain all of your $GEM, while risking losing it all? There are multiple strategies that you will be able to adopt. This is what makes the game more exciting.

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