RunBlox by OpenBlox- Move to Earn is coming to Avalanche!

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OpenBlox is a digital world full of magical places to discover and exciting things to achieve. Players can venture out with their in-game character known as Blox. A Blox is unlike characters in traditional games truly yours. All Blox exist as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) on blockchain empowering you to freely trade them with other players. RunBlox by Openblox is coming to the Avalanche Network soon!

Multi-game Experience

OpenBlox is based on 7,998 genesis blox NFTs, which can breed based on a gene mechanism and be used across all the OpenBlox games. 


A mobile-based fitness game that integrates real-world movements and NFTs. The release is scheduled for Q2 2022 on Avalanche.


A turn-based Rogue-like PVE card game (reference: Slay the Spire), release in Q2 – Q3 2022


A PVP win to earn MMORPG game (reference: MapleStory) – release in Q4 2022


A stylish farming play-and-earn game building on the resounding successes of Don’t Starve – release in 2023

Using RunBlox

To start using the first version of RunBlox you will need a combination of the RunBlox Mobile App (coming soon) & the RunBlox Marketplace.

On the Marketplace, you will be able to:

  • Use the RunBlox NFT Marketplace

  • Connect your wallet

  • Buy & Sell NFT

  • Transfer NFT

  • Create & Log in to your RunBlox account and pair it with your wallet

  • Deposit & Withdraw tokens between your Runblox account and your wallet

Check out the full instructions here.



  • Governance – voting rights are attached to the OBX token.

  • Breeding – required as a fee to breed new Blox. The breeding fee will go to the community treasury.

  • Staking to get benefits (applied to all the games)

$RUX (for RunBlox) – coming soon

  • Energy Recharge (Repair)

  • Leveling up NFT

  • MINT fee

  • NFT enhancement

Check more details in OpenBlox Whitepaper

OpenBlox and RunBlox will be available on Avalanche soon!

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