Omni Wallet (Old Steakwallet), A UX Focused Wallet Experience Launches Today

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Omni, the multi-chain self-custodial wallet on mobile launched its beta today. Already supporting more than 20 blockchains – including Ethereum, Avalanche, Solana, Near, and Cosmos – Omni is focused on building a user experience that fundamentally improves on current available wallets built for a single blockchain experience.

The result is a wallet that Avalanche users can appreciate, centered around removing backend complexity and emphasizing ease of use, navigating seamlessly across the new multichain metaverse. Native integrations make interacting with the most critical functionality on protocols as easy as possible, including Omni’s signature 3-tap staking flows, which make participating in securing blockchain networks and earning yield as simple as never before.

Launch Details

The Omni  was built around the wallet’s new Explore Screen that helps users quickly identify all the most important pieces of infrastructure that are needed in order to navigate on any L1 or L2. Be it swaps, bridges, lending protocols, or NFT marketplaces, the Explore Screen helps everyone to navigate to all the most important dApps easily from within Omni  . Omni  further allows users to easily import all their wallets from different blockchains and structure them into different portfolios, right in the app.

The Omni   offers a host of new features, such as a fiat on-ramp to easily load up the wallet with funds via a credit or debit card, WalletConnect v1 and v2 to quickly and securely connect with any available dApp, more native staking integrations with Omni  signature 3-tap staking flow, additional native yield opportunities such as Yearn on Polygon via Tesseract, and much more. Omni will also soon support NFTs across all 20+ supported blockchains, allowing users to see and manage all of their NFTs across all chains and all wallets in one single place.

The Omni Beta is available to download for anyone today on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.


Omni  took a look at wallets from a first principles perspective and fundamentally re-envisioned what a wallet built for Web 3 needed to be. The result is a wallet that is centered around abstracting away backend complexity and emphasizing ease of use, navigating seamlessly across our new multichain metaverse. Read all about the Omni  Beta launch here. 

Looking ahead, Omni will cover most major L1s and L2 with native staking, add support for liquid staking assets, and build more vault integrations across various platforms. Omni will also expand its ecosystem support to highlight NFTs from other EVM compatible networks like Polygon and Avalanche, as well as other booming NFT ecosystems like Solana and Tezos. Also on the roadmap is support for native swap and bridging support for all L1s and L2s it supports – the goal is to allow users to go from origin token to target token in one clean interface, as one of our main focal points is removing friction of intra and cross chains token movements.


Omni does not have a token at this time. However, make sure to stay up to date with the latest Omni news — the community will be the first to know if and when a token is launched.








For more information visit the Omni  website or follow them on Twitter.

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