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VALK brands itself as your gateway to DeFi, starting with their Merlin DeFi Smart Wallet. Merlin gives you portfolio management with ease, understand your entire portfolio and DeFi earnings in one spot.

Why use Merlin by VALK?

The days of simple trading are gone, you’re farming, borrowing, and staking, all with their own risks and rewards. Merlin helps you manage all of that information with more analytics than before in one app.

Tracking your DeFi across apps is still problematic. Merlin helps you see not only where your money is, but how it’s performing, and make moves to optimize all within one interface.

Simply put, Merlin is the single dashboard for portfolio management, analytics and reporting on all things DeFi for retail blockchain investors & traders and crypto VCs.

Under the hood, Merlin is an indexation protocol that can access all DeFi applications, extract & analyse a wide range of data for each transaction across multiple protocols providing deeper analytics.

Imagine what Etherscan did for the Ethereum blockchain? Merlin scales the same operations to all the DeFi protocols and adds a wide range of other analytics options for a deep understanding of users’ positions and performance.

Currently, Merlin by VALK is the only wallet that can provide historical values of APYs, pool behaviour, PnL, yield generated, aggregate transaction fees not only in the token value but also in comparison to ETH, USD and other currencies.

Who is Merlin for?

Modern retail and VC investors who until recently had:

· Limited options for accurate and easy-to-use accounting and portfolio management across DeFi

· Need to switch between platforms because there is no single dashboard with deep analytics and good UX

· Lack of accuracy of information and depth of analytics with only today’s data available

As a result of the above limitations of the market, users are losing money while taking uninformed trading, investing and DeFi participation decisions.

What can Merlin do for you?

Merlin saves users’ money, time and effort for portfolio management, investment strategies and accounting. 

As the user, you simply need to connect your wallet or paste the address (works with multiple wallets, too). Then the smart wallet will do everything for you automatically.

Core Features:

· Extract all the transactions related to your wallet

· Show the total portfolio value

· Retrieve the position of each digital asset deployed across DeFi protocols

· Calculate the positions

· Show historical values, such as the current price of the token and the price of the token at the moment of investment/deposit

· Calculate total and daily yield generated

· Provide comparison vs USD or other currency

· Calculate gas fees paid for all the DeFi operations

· Work out the total gain or loss that the user made following their current DeFi strategy

· Prevents impermanent loss by signalling

Merlin Will Be Available Shortly

Merlin is launching on the market in a couple of weeks and will be available for free for all DeFi users. 

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