Yield Hunt Chapter 2 is Coming

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An old legend tells about a time when Adventurers were seeking treasures called GEM in a distant forest. They thought their story had ended, but a new temple has been discovered.

Yield Hunt chapter two takes NFT gaming to the next level, with familiar mechanics with new twists bringing on more engagement and depth to their experience.

Deep Story, 2 New Classes, Pets, and Levels

There is a ton of new content coming to Yield Hunt with Pets to enhance your experience, leveling and inventory size to incentivize close participation, and more.

Pets offer one of the best additions as both a way to enhance your yield AND be a super cute fun addition to your NFT collection.

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Check out this sample of pets:

The New Token: Glow

Glowing Flower, or $GLOW, is the new token in chapter 2. It is obtained via staking Rangers and Skeletons. Because of the addition of inventory levels, users will have to watch their accrual of GLOW closely to ensure they aren’t hitting their cap and wasting valuable yield.

From our perspective, this type of addition is key to success in NFT gaming with two key benefits:

  1. Whales can’t just sit and accrue all the rewards without interacting.

  2. More engagement and close management means more connection to your characters.

$GLOW is primarily used to acquire Gen 1-4 NFTs, staked for more rewards, or traded for $GEM, which is no longer available any other way.

$GEM Comes Back for Use In Leveling

Tying in their first chapter, GEM is being used as the primary source of leveling your heroes and can only be obtained now via trading $GLOW.

Leveling up your characters has two impacts:

  1. Increase $GLOW yield

  2. Increase inventory limit

Getting Started is Simple: Mint a Character, Gain Yield, Expand Your Adventuring Team

Their Testnet is now Live!


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