Ava Labs and Tencent Cloud Enable Rapid Node Deployment on the  Avalanche Public Blockchain Across…

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Ava Labs and Tencent Cloud Enable Rapid Node Deployment on the Avalanche Public Blockchain Across APAC

Ava Labs & Tencent Cloud will also explore Avalanche Subnets for enterprises to help accelerate their adoption to Web3.

Ava Labs announced it has entered into a strategic partnership with Tencent Cloud to support projects and developers across the Avalanche ecosystem. In addition to providing developers with rapid node deployment, both parties will also explore Avalanche Subnets for enterprises to help accelerate adoption of Web3 technologies across traditional businesses.

Under this arrangement, a full Avalanche node is now live on Tencent Cloud in sync with the Avalanche public blockchain, enabling Tencent Cloud’s infrastructure to support efficient and rapid node deployment for developers and validators across APAC. These features and functions aim to support faster throughput and development for projects in the region building on Tencent Cloud while helping achieve resource decentralization.

Avalanche has developed a suite of Web3 products, including a blockchain wallet, explorer, and bridge. Builders will be able to leverage Tencent Cloud’s infrastructure, together with Avalanche’s Web3 products to build Web3 applications on the Avalanche blockchain.

Avalanche’s novel Subnet technology enables enterprises to develop fully-customizable blockchain infrastructure purpose-built for their use case. This includes choosing who participates in network security, who can access the Subnet, which virtual machine it uses, fee economics, and more.

Game studios should be particularly excited about these developments. They require dedicated, high-performance infrastructure to support large scale user bases, which this combination will deliver. With Avalanche, developers can build confidently knowing users will experience near-instant transaction finality to ensure the low-latency experience they expect from modern games.

According to Ed Chang, Head of Gaming at Ava Labs, “The capabilities that Tencent and Avalanche will deliver are incredibly exciting for the future of games built on blockchain. Tencent is a global powerhouse in both the gaming and infrastructure space, and this collaboration opens the door to building truly incredible Web 3 gaming experiences.”

“Avalanche is the premier platform for both individuals and institutions to build Web3 applications and infrastructure,” said Wilson Wu, Avalanche’s Asia Growth lead. Wu continued, “With Tencent’s support behind the Avalanche ecosystem and its builders, we will push the boundaries of what is possible.”

Ava Labs and Tencent also intend to co-host in-person and online conferences, education programs, developer meetups, and more to support Web3 builders and projects building on Avalanche, starting with a series of events at Tencent Cloud Day in Singapore.

Read more about how to launch an Avalanche node using Tencent Cloud here: https://www.tencentcloud.com/dynamic/insights/sample-article/100424

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Ava Labs and Tencent Cloud Enable Rapid Node Deployment on the 
Avalanche Public Blockchain Across…
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