Avalanche Explorer Gets a Brand New Upgrade for All P-Chain Data

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The new tool pulls up-to-the-second data on validators, rewards, Subnets, and more.

Ava Labs has launched a brand new explorer for Avalanche’s P-Chain, providing deeper visibility into all P-Chain activities from staking to granular transaction details. As one of three main chains in Avalanche’s Primary Network, the P-Chain maintains validators and empowers builders to launch Subnets. The new P-Chain Explorer lets anyone peer into thorough on-chain data on Avalanche’s validators, delegator transactions, staking, rewards distribution, Subnet creations, X/P/C cross-chain transactions, and much more.

With greater P-Chain visibility, the Avalanche ecosystem and network performance becomes more transparent for users and developers. Now, people can easily monitor their own staking rewards or that of others, scout nodes they might want to delegate to, verify funds of any address, and even review details of Subnet creation transactions. Anybody can obtain data on past and present Subnet validator performance with a simple search, promoting a transparent ecosystem.

More broadly, the new update to the Avalanche Explorer directly expands what’s possible while keeping Avalanche explorers in one convenient place. Now, users can call up far more nuanced data in just a few clicks, and get a window to see how validators for Subnets are performing.

The P-Chain Explorer provides up-to-the-second data on:

  • Subnet creation and staking
  • Validator and delegator transactions
  • Node and historical validator details for indexed Subnets
  • Same-chain transactions
  • X/P/C cross-chain transactions
  • P-Chain blocks
  • Addresses and UTXOs

“The new P-Chain Explorer helps Avalanche community members easily track their validators, rewards, and active Subnets,” said Akash Gupta, Director of Product Management at Ava Labs. “The tool provides a one-stop shop for all user types, allowing them to thoroughly understand Avalanche’s flexible taking and robust Subnet capabilities.”

The P-Chain Explorer is public. Anyone can use the tool, from seasoned Avalanche validators and delegators to newcomers hoping to better understand the network’s power.

This new product will have a ripple effect on others, including Subnet explorers. The indexing of the P-Chain on the Avalanche Explorer will help power future tools developed by Ava Labs. If you’re building a subnet and are looking for an explorer, please reach out to subnets@avax.network. We are offering subnet explorer services for builders.

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