Avalanche Launches Twitter Banner Design Contest

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Design the next Avalanche Twitter banner and win prizes!

Launching NOW: A design contest for the most creative Avalanche Twitter banner! Calling all designers to create and submit your best Avalanche inspired Twitter banner, and selected banners will be able to win $1,000 each.

Get creative with your design and approach. The prompt is open-ended, so it can be themed after anything in the Avalanche universe! The design can be illustration, graphic design, or any other artistic style. Keep in mind the design has to be a static asset.

Designs must be submitted by Thursday, November 18th, and need to follow the contest rules, terms, & conditions outlined below at the bottom of this page. That’s it, get creative, any style and design level are welcome to participate. Winners and their designs will also be promoted throughout the Avalanche Community and social channels.

Can’t wait to see what you have in store!

Contest Rules


Content Dates: Oct 18th — Nov 18th (11:59pm ET)

How It Works

There will be one round of judging. The best designs will be chosen based on originality, creativity, and how it fits in the current Avalanche branding.

Winner will be chosen by Avalanche.

How to enter

  1. Design a unique Avalanche themed Twitter Banner in size (1500px by 500px) and in SVG file.
  2. Let your creativity flow! The banner should capture excitement about Avalanche and match our branding or story.
  3. Follow @AvalancheAVAX on Twitter
  4. Tweet your design, & make sure to tag Avalanche
  5. Submit your contact info and links to your design through this form

Winner Announcement

Winners of the contest will be announced on the Avalanche social media and community channels.

Contest Prize Per Winning Banner

Winners will receive $1,000. You’re allowed to submit multiple designs. There will be multiple winners.

Review Avalanche Developer Contest Terms & Conditions


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