Avalanche Summit | Hackathon Recap: Summary and Prize Winners, powered by Encode Club

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A recap of the 3-day Avalanche Summit Hackathon, including the winners, sponsors, and photos; written by Encode Club.

The Avalanche Summit | Hackathon took place over the weekend of Friday March 25 — Sunday March 27, 2022. Powered by Encode Club, the hackathon followed the highly successful Avalanche Summit DevCon that took place earlier in the week. Both events took place at the historic Poble Espanyol in Barcelona, Spain, and the hackathon had more than 250 hackers attending with 56 projects submitted. Around $200k of prizes were given out at the end of the weekend.

Overview of the weekend

The weekend kicked off at lunchtime on Friday afternoon, with hackers submitting at 12pm on Sunday.

Throughout the weekend hackers worked hard, innovated and pushed the limits of burning the midnight oil to produce fantastic projects. Projects were primarily themed around Subnets, but there were also a lot of submissions around gaming, DeFi, NFTs and tooling.

As is typical with a hackathon, hackers were permitted to stay overnight and many enthusiastically took up that additional challenge. Most stayed up into the early hours and a number of teams did not leave the venue (choosing to sleep in a tactically chosen makeshift bed) or even sleep at all.

Anthony Beaumont (Encode Club CEO) speaking at the hackathon opening ceremony
Team AEVEREST hacking away
Our hackers had three days to build an amazing project on Avalanche
Incredible atmosphere in the last hours of the hackathon

The event was supported by awesome sponsors and mentors, without whose support the event would not have happened!

Mentors included Jon Jon Clark Simao Cruz, Diogo Almeida, Ying Sun, Burak Arikan, Kilian Henner, Giuseppe Olivieri, Octave Oppetit, Christina Pou, Carlos Cuevas, Claude Donze, Laura Vidiella, Robert Delgado, James Mccomish, Edward Mehrez, Olgo Anapryenka, Arabella Kim, Jeremy Coupe, Saima Qureshi, River Baig, Engin Erdogan, Patrick Kiefer, Rod Carraresi and Dheeraj Chakilam.

Prize Winners

Avalanche Foundation Bounties

Best optimized precompiled EVM — $20,000 — OracleEVM

The OracleEVM is a customized EVM that uses stateful pre-compiles to create gas efficient access to high fidelity financial information in every block.

Best ledger-compatible subnet UI — $20,000 — SubnetX

SubnetX is a tool for ledger compatible subnet creation and management.

Best subnet notification service for expiring validators — $20,000 — subnet.center

Subnet.center is analytics and notification platform for validators, delegators, builders and avalanche users.

Best custom VM subnet implementation — $20,000 — AEVEREST

Aeverest is a fast, high throughput Custom VM Subnet for the Avalanche Network.

Best dApp deployed on a subnet — $20,000 — zkID

A zero knowledge identity protocol that lets users anonymously prove that they fulfil some criteria (own an NFT, have over X tokens), for various use cases like joining DAOs, qualifying for airdrops.


RPC live speed comparison for AVAX — $2.5k

ANKR Endpoints is a script that pushes metrics to Prometheus and shows results in Grafana.

AVentures DAO

DAO investment and treasury management Smart contracts — $5k — Treasury Contract

Contract allows authorized users to create Investment events in which defined investors can invest native coins or ERC20 tokens. Investments can be cancelled, opened to everyone.

Decentralized Bootstrapping of an NFT Treasury — $5k — YieldPool NFT

YieldPool lets you bootstrap your NFT treasury your friends blending DeFi and Social Investing.


Build the best Axelar dApp using the Axelar SDK

Use the SDK to generate a deposit address on a source chain, linked to a user’s recipient address on a destination chain.

1st: CrossChainSwap ($2.5k)

Basic contracts for executing cross-chain swaps.

2nd: Solity Network ($1k)

A multi-chain yield aggregator.

3rd: Skia Safe Wallet ($500) Bonus

A web based, browser agnostic, non-custodial wallet which enables advanced DeFi features on mobile but that is not dependent on cumbersome browser extensions or the prohibitive google/apple app stores

Bonus Bounty: Integrate Covalent’s API into your project for the chance to win an additional $1k in prize money — Ruby

An NFT Marketplace aggregator tool. Allows bulk buying NFTs across several collections and marketplaces.


Chainlink Prizewinners — MatchMe.NFT

Best use of Chainlink

You must successfully use Chainlink to trigger a state change in a smart contract.

1st: Avart Transform ($2.5k)

Avart Transform allows anyone who owns NFTs to transform them with Neural Art Transfer. This Proof Of Concept shows that it is possible to connect a Chainlink external adapter with the Fuji Testnet

2nd: TheAttik ($1.5k)

TheAttik is an Avalanche based, shopify-like platform for managing NFT communities through dedicated rooms and events.

3rd: MatchMe.NFT ($1k)

Data driven Web3 Matching platform.

Coinbase Wallet

Announced privately.


Use any Covalent API endpoints for your project at the Avalanche Summit Hackathon BUIDLs ($1k each)


Data driven Web3 Matching platform.


Babalaunch is a launchpad dapp on a local subnet.

Use the Covalent API with any of the other Avalanche Summit Hackathon sponsor platforms or tools for their BUIDLS ($2k each)


An NFT Marketplace aggregator tool.

WowSwap Probabilistic Liquidation Bot

The team have built a liquidation bot that improves the old bot while remaining lightweight for many users to run.

Bonus prizes:

ExpiryDator — $500

By using ExpiryDator, subnet maintainers get notified when the uptime of the validators decreases to some degree or the end time of a validator is about to expire.

Skia Safe Wallet — $500

A web based, browser agnostic, non-custodial wallet which enables advanced DeFi features on mobile.


Build a market making bot using Dexalot’s smart contracts and REST API endpoints.

1st: $5k — Dexalot MarketMaker

Simple Dexalot market maker built in Python using the web3 package. Market Maker is configurable and can react to both OrderStatusChanged and Executed events to adjusted prices.

2nd: $2k — Mathieu’s Dexalot Bot

Market Making bot on Dexalot with a simple strategy.

3rd — $1k each:

Sujen’s Dexalot MM

A Nodejs bot that follows the Market Maker Challenge spec. It is capable of doing the standard requirements, and half of the bonus


An automated market maker using Dexalot’s interface and smart contracts.

Solity Network

A multi-chain yield aggregator.


Data analytics challenge

In this challenge, hackers needed to submit AVAX biggest cold wallets’ addresses and snapshot AVAX balance at top centralized cryptocurrency exchanges:

1st: $2,500 — Tokenfreaks

2nd: $1,500 — DEFYCA — Definitive Yields in Crypto Assets


Best overall application utilising LayerZero — $10k each

Cross Chain Liquidity Magic / Float Protocol

Modified float.capital contracts to allow users to mint/redeem ‘Magic Internet Assets’ on multiple chains whilst those chains share the same liquidity.


anyDAO is a decentralized, cross-chain governance protocol that enables multi-chain projects to allow governance token holders on all chains to participate in voting without moving their tokens.

Best NFT or gaming use case utilizing LayerZero — $10k

Octo Bridge

Octo Bridge is a decentralized application for transferring your assets from one blockchain to another.


WowSwap Challenge Prizewinners — WOWSwap Probabilistic Liquidation Bot

Develop a bot that can send liquidation transactions earlier than the current WOWswap liquidation bot — $5k — Probabilistic Liquidation Bot

A liquidation bot that improves the old bot while remaining lightweight for many users to run. Its predictive algorithm results in the liquidation transaction occurring an entire block before the current bot while keeping profitable.


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