FlashBack to Launch Events Ticketing Platform Exclusively on Avalanche

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Enter to win an early-bird NFT by a featured artist.

FlashBack, an NFT events ticketing platform is expanding to Avalanche, enabling event organizers to build a unique ticketing experience with instant finality and low fees.

The integration, which is set for completion in July 2021, will connect art, event organizers, and event lovers on one platform. Remember saving tickets to recapture concert moments? Now, with Flashback, event organizers can create bespoke and art-like NFT tickets that enthusiasts can store, buy, and sell for decades.

In addition, FlashBack can be used to follow your favorite event organizers and influencers, all while staying up-to-date on the latest events.

Flashback is built on Avalanche NFT technology, which allows organizers to create NFTs in seconds for less than a cent. Avalanche’s tamper proof blockchain helps ensure digital ownership and NFT safety from fraud and undesired visitors.

“Every event is a unique memory that we want to keep, whether it’s a vibrant festival in California or a birthday party of your 5-year-old. We’re building an edgy way to capture and relive memories for people ,” says Elena Obukhova, Founder & CEO at FlashBack.

FlashBack is supported by the following event projects: Papaya Playa Project (Tulum), SuperChief NFT Gallery (New York), Labitconf (Latin America), FAS | Fintech Advisory Services (Global), Global Government Blockchain Summit (Dubai), and others.

Pre-registration started on June 15th and goes for only 1 month. FlashBack offers a chance to win 1 out of 9 uniquely-designed NFTs by Exquisite Workers, a community of 572 artists from 50 countries. Pre-register to be eligible for the airdrop and enjoy early-bird perks at flashback.one.


About FlashBack

FlashBack is an NFT platform for bespoke ticketing experience that bridges art, event organizers, and people. FlashBack offers organizers a secure and edgy way to sell tickets and engage with their audience who can search events with like-minded people, collect art-like tickets and receive perks from organizers.

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