Hubble Exchange Launches Native Perpetual Futures on Avalanche

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The integration expands what perpetuals futures traders can do on an Avalanche-native protocol, aiming to unlock capital efficiency and collateral flexibility.

Hubble Exchange has launched a native perpetual futures exchange on Avalanche. The exchange lets traders collateralize multiple tokens to trade perpetual futures contracts, giving traders the ability to maintain exposure to digital assets while using them as collateral to trade perpetuals. Today, Hubble supports AVAX, USDC, and Hubble Virtual USD (hUSD) as collateral. BTC, ETH, and Avalanche-native assets will come in the future.

Hubble Exchange’s many features aim to give traders more options and a better experience. Cross-margining, which automatically utilizes PnL from one position to either offset losses or increase leverage in other positions, aims to increase capital efficiency. On Hubble Exchange, makers (liquidity providers) can collateralize assets while providing liquidity. They can also provide liquidity on leverage (up to 5x) and earn trading fees on leveraged liquidity. This lets makers do more with their assets on Avalanche.

“Decentralized derivatives are on a trajectory to take on market share from centralized alternatives like FTX and Binance in the next few years,” said Candy Carpet, core contributor at Hubble Exchange. “We are in a pivotal time in history where there is an opportunity for a decentralized alternative to taking a real shot at the perpetual futures market. We believe Avalanche is the place to be for us as we take this shot due to its speed, scalability, and reliability, which any exchange needs.”

Upon launch on August 8th, at 8 a.m. UTC, Hubble Exchange entered its Ignition Period of up to 24 hours, during which the protocol gathered liquidity. Now that this period has ended, trading and liquidity mining incentives have begun. The first vAMM is AVAX-PERP. Additional pairs, such as BTC-PERP and ETH-PERP, will come in the future.

The Hubble Exchange DAO will initiate vHubble incentives for traders and makers to bootstrap initial liquidity and trading in its AVAX-PERP vAMM. Traders will receive an emission of 0.2% of the total token supply over the next month, while Makers (LPs) will receive 0.4%.

Blizzard, the Avalanche Ecosystem Fund has made a strategic investment in Hubble Exchange. The project has been audited by Dedaub. For more information on Hubble Exchange, visit For more about vHubble incentives, read the full breakdown.

This post is based on materials provided by Hubble Exchange. For more information, visit Hubble Exchange’s website. Also, please read this important notice.

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