Immunefi Bringing Smart Contract Security Expertise to Avalanche’s DeFi Ecosystem

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Platform helped secure over $5B in user funds and paid millions of dollars in bug bounties to-date.

Immunefi, the leading DeFi bug bounty and security services platform, is expanding to Avalanche, enabling developers building on Avalanche to tap into top-tier security researchers to vet and harden their projects. Additionally, Avalanche community members can participate in the programs to earn bounties for keeping their favorite projects secure.

Founded in 2020, Immunefi has helped protect over $5 billion in user funds in client applications, and has paid millions of dollars in bug bounties, including the largest smart contract bug bounty in history.

Immunefi joins the Avalanche ecosystem at a critical time in its growth, as smart contract activity on the platform has boomed since the launch of the Avalanche-Ethereum Bridge (AEB) on February 8. In that time, smart contract transactions have increased by 1051% to over 626,000, and unique wallets increased by 1,752% to top 39,000.

With Immunefi’s security expertise, DeFi apps on Avalanche will have access to key components of the modern decentralized security stack, including complete code review and disclosure of critical vulnerabilities in contracts to ensure the safety of users’ funds.

“Immunefi is the most expert community of whitehat hackers in DeFi. Immunefi protects billions in user funds and pays out millions in bug bounties. Avalanche’s unique architecture and advantages will attract billions in user funds, and we’re proud to work with the Avalanche community to protect those funds,” says Mitchell Amador, CEO at Immunefi.

Immunefi is now creating the infrastructure to support these programs. To stay updated on progress and help secure DeFi projects against attack through these bug bounties, please visit the Immunefi Website and Twitter.

About Immunefi

Immunefi is the leading bug bounty and security services platform for DeFi, where projects secure their code and whitehats keep funds safe. Immunefi protects over $5 billion in user funds and has paid out millions of dollars in bug bounties, including the biggest bug bounty in history ($1.5m). Immunefi’s community of proven whitehat hackers, war room and crisis management expertise, and industry-leading secure disclosure platform make Immunefi a core part of the security stack for DeFi’s leading projects, such as Synthetix, ArmorFi, and BadgerDAO.

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