Learn-and-Earn StackUp Campaign Now Live for Web3 Devs

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New and veteran developers can now get up to speed with developing on Avalanche via learning quests on StackUp

StackUp, a learn-and-earn platform, has launched an Avalanche developer course. The new course targets both new and seasoned developers, providing a short masterclass on the ins and outs of building on Avalanche. And for completing the campaign’s quests, devs can earn prizes from a $30,000 pool.

StackUp enables developers to level up, grow, and connect with a global dev community — all while being rewarded for their time. The StackUp platform is easy to use and carefully built to walk devs through the Avalanche course with increasing complexity.

During the course, devs will learn about many topics via 11 quests:

  • Intro to the Avalanche Ecosystem
  • Intro to Subnets
  • AvalancheGo APIs
  • Create EVM Subnet on Local Network
  • AvalancheJs
  • Hello World
  • ERC20 Token Smart Contracts
  • ERC721 Token Smart Contracts
  • Game Frontend
  • NFT Marketplace Smart Contracts
  • NFT Marketplace Frontend

New developers will learn the overall architecture and best practices for building on Avalanche. On the other hand, seasoned developers will learn about specific topics on how best to use the tools that Avalanche has to take their project(s) to the next level. At the end of the course, developers will have a firm grasp of the Avalanche platform and how best to build the next generation of dApps.

For the early participants, each completed quest will have a reward. But hurry, the $30,000 total prize pool for completed quests is only available until December 16th, or until the pool runs out.

To get started:

If stuck during a quest, please navigate to the #quest-help channel (https://discord.com/channels/895564164783808523/896973102922223678) on the StackUp Discord for assistance.

To learn more directly from the Avalanche community, please join the Avalanche Discord (https://chat.avax.network/).

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