MoneyDance Recap: Day 3 with Chainlink, Ava Labs, TrustToken, and Thorchain

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On Monday, October 12, Avalanche hosted the third day of the MoneyDance Summit, and our first day exploring how developers can use and build on Avalanche.

As before, we’ve edited each segment down to a video on YouTube, so we’ll have a full library of content to access and revisit throughout the program and refer back to even after MoneyDance concludes.

Here’s a brief overview of each segment, with a few highlights and hyperlink to their video:

Connecting External Data to Avalanche
Patrick Collins, Developer Relations at Chainlink

  • The importance of robust oracles relaying data from traditional finance and the “real-world” throughout Avalanche’s Internet of Finance ecosystem
  • How to use Chainlink to empower DeFi smart contracts on Avalanche, with use cases beyond DeFi that represent untapped potential for smart contracts
  • Sneak peek into deploying Solidity smart contracts on Avalanche with Chainlink’s oracle network (documentation coming soon)

State of Avalanche 2020
Gabriel Cardona, Developer Evangelist at Ava Labs

  • Avalanche’s growth since Mainnet launch
  • Why he believes blockchains can have the same impact the internet has had on society
  • An overview of the Avalanche ecosystem, tooling for users and builders, and tips for accelerating development on the network

A Comparison of Liquidity Pool Models in DeFi AMM Products
Jazear Brooks, Former Protocol Architect at Thorchain

  • How markets settle orders through batch trading, limit order books, and liquidity pools
  • Contrasts between liquidity provider subsystems
  • Processes for on-chain governance of AMMs

Deploying a DeFi Contract Using Avalanche
Hal Hyatt, Lead Blockchain Engineer at TrustToken

  • When Hal first heard about Avalanche
  • Live coding demo of how to deploy a Solidity smart contract on the Avalanche contract chain (C-Chain)
  • Using Ethereum tooling on Avalanche

Thank you again to all of our speakers and attendees who joined Monday’s program. We’ll see you all back here next Wednesday, October 21st as we dive deeper with:

  • Elizabeth Stark, CEO of Lightning Labs
  • Emin Gün Sirer, CEO of Ava Labs
  • John Wu, President at Ava Labs
  • Jamie Finn, President at Securitize
  • Ben Tsai, Founder of Wave Financial
  • Josh Lim, Head of Derivatives at Genesis Global Trading
  • Max Boonen, Founder of B2C2
  • Mona El Isa, Founder of Avantgarde Finance
  • Sergej Kunz, CEO of 1inch Exchange
  • Luke Mulks, Director of Business Development at Brave

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