MoneyDance Recap: Day 4 with Genesis, Securitize, Brave, Lightning Labs, and More

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On Wednesday, October 21, Avalanche hosted the fourth day of the MoneyDance Summit, featuring experts across both decentralized and institutional finance.

As before, we’ve edited each segment down to a video on YouTube, so we’ll have a full library of content to access and revisit throughout the program and refer back to even after MoneyDance concludes.

Here’s a brief overview of each segment, with a few highlights and a hyperlink to their video:

Diving into 1inch: Dex Aggregator and Mooniswap
Jessica Saloman, Marketing & Growth of 1inch Exchange

  • The history of 1inch and its team
  • How the Automatic Market Maker revolution came about
  • How 1inch fits into the broader DeFi and fintech ecosystems

Melon: The Journey from V1 to V2
Mona El Isa, Founder at Avantegarde Finance

  • Why Tetris is the perfect analogy for Melon and improving user experience across DeFi and crypto finance
  • The challenges facing investment managers today, including costs, complications, and inefficiencies
  • How Avantegarde is removing friction from these workflows to allow investors and investment managers to focus on sourcing the best investment opportunities

When Will Institutional and Decentralized Finance Converge?
‍John Wu, President at Ava Labs
Jamie Finn, President at Securitize
Ben Tsai, Founder of Wave Financial
Josh Lim, Head of Derivatives at Genesis Global Trading
Max Boonen, Founder of B2C2

  • How asset issuers from traditional finance are exploring blockchains, including Avalanche, to expand distribution and liquidity
  • Geographic differences in tokenization efforts, regulation, and investment
  • Why recent bitcoin allocations by listed corporations like Square and MicroStrategy haven’t had as much of an impact as it likely would’ve in 2017, and how these firms are engaging with emerging prime brokerage services
  • The challenges of measuring and appropriately pricing risk within DeFi, as technology and regulatory uncertainty complicate risk management
  • Products within DeFi that remind the panelists of traditional assets
  • Predictions for 2021

Bridging Web2 and Web3 with Usability and Privacy by Default
Luke Mulks, Director of Business Development at Brave

  • How the internet has gone from open sharing of information to centralized through core gatekeepers
  • The challenge of delivering privacy-centric solutions to mainstream audiences and relaying the benefits to businesses
  • Role of Web 3.0 in reversing this course, and restoring an open, user-guided internet

Building on the Market Dominance of Bitcoin
Alex Bosworth, Lightning Infrastructure Lead of Lightning Labs

  • Key considerations in mapping out a blueprint for building on a global network like Bitcoin
  • An update on Lightning’s progress thus far, and what remains to be built

Thank you again to all of our speakers and attendees who joined Wednesday’s program. We’ll see you all back here on Monday, November 2nd as we dive deeper with:

  • Antonio Juliano, CEO at dYdX
  • Alexey Bashlykov, CTO at Zerion
  • Andrew Cronk, Chief Product Officer at Figment
  • And more guests yet to be announced

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