MoneyDance Recap: Day 6 with Tezos, Bloq, Kyber, Mattereum, CMS Holdings, and Aztec

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On Tuesday, November 17, Avalanche hosted the sixth, and final day of the MoneyDance Summit.

As before, we’ve edited each segment down to a video on YouTube, so we’ll have a full library of content to access and revisit throughout the program and refer back to even after MoneyDance concludes.

Here’s a brief overview of each segment, with a few highlights and hyperlink to their video:

Virtual Discussion with Emin Gün Sirer and Kathleen Breitman
Kathleen Breitman, Co-founder of Tezos, and Emin Gün Sirer, CEO of Ava Labs

  • How they define decentralization and how they’re making the ideal definitions possible with Tezos and Avalanche
  • What’s missing from the crypto, blockchain, and DeFi ecosystems & what key issues aren’t being technically addressed
  • A dive into Kathleen’s work within the gaming and NFT space with Emergents
  • The rise of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC) efforts, and how these efforts will intersect with cryptocurrencies
  • Advice for individuals getting ready to found their first projects in the crypto

2017 Until Now: The On-Chain Liquidity Landscape
Deniz Omer, Head of Ecosystem Development at Kyber

  • The explosion of the DeFi space and vital role decentralized exchanges have played in its growth since 2017
  • Why traditional market structures need to be adjusted to work within decentralized ecosystems
  • Evolution of liquidity provisioning across DeFi

Open-Source DeFi Components From Bloq
Jeff Garzik, CEO of Bloq

  • Jeff’s origins in crypto, and the role Bloq is playing in developing enterprise-grade infrastructure for crypto and DeFi developers
  • How Ethereum’s tooling — and implementations like Avalanche’s C-Chain — are enabling cross-chain DeFi applications
  • The vital role open-source development plays in hardening the core “money Legos” underpinning DeFi applications
  • Overview of money Legos published by Bloq, which will soon be deployed on Avalanche so developers can build bigger systems, more quickly with more security
  • A brief preview of Bloq’s new DeFi project Vesper.Finance

Crypto Trade Execution
Dan Matuszewski, Co-founder at CMS Holdings

  • Historical context of crypto market structure
  • Risks of being over-leveraged for both individuals and how crypto derivative exchanges manage counterparty risk
  • Strategies for mitigating execution slippage by using multiple venues

Saving the Climate with Real World Asset NFTs
Vinay Gupta, CEO of Mattereum

  • Paradigms and models for the climate crisis, and paths for remediation
  • Upgrading the coal-fired economy to reshape and align incentives for a sustainable economy
  • How to use computing power to understand areas of impact and how it opens options to activating the economy to solve these challenges

Aztec: The Layer 2 with Privacy at its Core
Joe Andrews, Chief Product Officer at Aztec

  • zkSNARKs and roll-up strategies to scale blockchains, while preserving privacy
  • Overview of Aztec 2.0, and impact on users
  • Demo of product in-action

RenVM, Bringing Interoperability to Avalanche
Loong Wang, CTO at Ren Project

  • How Ren Project is working with Avalanche and how it will help the Avalanche ecosystem grow
  • Ren’s role in enabling flexibility and interoperability of assets across networks — including assets like wrapped Bitcoin on Avalanche — so developers and users can choose the best consensus mechanism for their use cases while tapping into existing liquidity
  • What excites Loong about Avalanche

Thank you again to the nearly 40 speakers who participated in MoneyDance, everyone in the audience who joined us across the six summit days, and to our excellent sponsors: Polyient Games, Biconomy, and Quantstamp, and Ecosystem Partners: NGC Ventures, TRG Capital, Amplifi Capital, Lemniscap, and RenGen.

MoneyDance is just the first of many Avalanche-hosted events to come. Stay tuned for final updates from the Hackathon on our official channels.

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