Numbers Protocol: Ushering in a New Era of Digital Media Trust with Subnets

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Numbers Mainnet (Jade) aims to upgrade the web with traceable, verifiable digital media.

With millions of images and videos uploaded to the internet each day, it has become important to know details about creators, licensing, and media authenticity. This info equips users of the web to give proper credit and to make informed decisions. Numbers Mainnet (Jade) is a digital media library and indexing system aiming to provide more transparency into digital media.

Today, Numbers Protocol has launched on Avalanche Subnet, moving away from the third-party blockchains of the past. Building on a Subnet empowers Numbers to define its precise networking, security, execution logic, and fee structure. Numbers can now operate beyond former constraints — and fully realize its vision of creating trustworthy web media.

“We created Numbers Mainnet with the goal of better serving our community and enabling our many ecosystem applications,” said Tammy Yang, Founder and CPO of Numbers. “With its intuitive design and fast, cost-efficient transitions, the decision to build Numbers Mainnet with Avalanche Subnet technology is a no-brainer.”

Numbers Protocol is a digital media library and indexing system aiming to make digital media more transparent. It starts with Numbers ID (nid). Every piece of digital media registered with Numbers gets a unique identifier used to access digital media files in decentralized storage, as well as digital media info archived on Numbers Mainnet (Jade).

With Numbers Mainnet (Jade) live on its own Avalanche Subnet, the protocol can now support the entire lifecycle of the modern digital asset, broadening the possibilities.

Specifically, Numbers upgrades digital media from untraceable and unverifiable entities to entities capable of “speaking” for themselves through accessible and transparent records. Numbers achieves this by generating a unique identity of the digital media, also known as the content ID in the Filecoin/IPFS ecosystem. Key details such as on-creation metadata (location, timestamp, etc.), creator information, asset changelogs, and licenses are stored to assure the integrity of the digital media.

Critically, Numbers-registered digital media have the ability to represent their own records, eliminating the need for web users to rely on external factors.

Numbers Blockchain strives to support the entire lifecycle of the modern digital asset with additional smart contract support, including NFT minting, royalty distribution, and more.

Additionally, Numbers has partnerships with Starling Project and CreatorDAO, which plan to leverage Numbers to archive their assets.

This post is based on materials provided by Numbers Protocol. For more information, visit Numbers Protocol’s website. Also, please read this important notice.

About Numbers Protocol

Numbers Protocol is the first asset-centric cross-network protocol, building the most comprehensive solution to make digital media traceable and verifiable in order to empower the creator economy and bring trust back to the internet.

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