OpenBlox to Migrate Growing NFT Gaming Platform to Avalanche, Launch Three New Titles

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The integration gives Avalanche a unique game family with extensive NFT capabilities and forthcoming game-to-game crossover elements.

OpenBlox, an EVM-based NFT gaming platform, will be bringing its existing and upcoming titles to Avalanche. Together, these games form an ecosystem called Bloxverse, a Web3 community united by a common developer team, token, and in-game elements that will span and connect multiple games. Currently, OpenBlox has launched one game, RunBlox, and has three more in production.

Since Q2 launch, RunBlox has amassed 10,000 active daily users. The move-to-earn title powered by Avalanche tracks users’ walking, jogging, and running. Tokens are distributed based on activity. Users begin by selecting NFT shoes, which have hit points representing durability that deteriorates with use, just like physical running shoes.

OpenBlox strives to make games that merge the digital and physical worlds, and that bring people together. In time, OpenBlox plans to launch a Subnet. Blizzard the Avalanche Fund has made a strategic investment in OpenBlox.

“Having backers at Ava Labs that understand scalability and user experience in all market conditions is fundamental to our growth,” said OpenBlox’s Chief Communication Officer, Sunil Chauhan. “Blizzard’s support and shared vision for bringing health and fitness to the masses is pivotal to the growth of RunBlox and the OpenBlox ecosystem.”

All three of OpenBlox’s forthcoming games will take advantage of the speed, low fees, and reliability that Avalanche offers. These games are:

  • RogueBlox — a turn-based, deck-builder card game in which players send Blox creatures to battle against one another. (Target release: Q3 2022.)
  • ActionBlox — an MMORPG with guilds, fighting, and mastering challenges.
  • LandBlox — a farming-style game set in an open world, where you can plant seeds won in RogueBlox battles, sell fruit in a marketplace, or use fruit to recover your characters in ActionBlox and RogueBlox.

“We are excited to welcome OpenBlox to the Avalanche ecosystem,” said Lydia Chiu, VP of Business Development at Ava Labs, on behalf of Blizzard. “The project’s games have some incredible crossover elements in development, and these will not only help to expand what has been done in blockchain games, but should make for some cool gameplay. I believe that supporting the OpenBlox universe will be a showcase of what Avalanche can do, and that OpenBlox will bring a crop of new gamers to the Avalanche network.”

To keep up with OpenBlox as new game details become available, visit its website. You can download the RunBlox app, get your NFT shoe, and start moving today.

This post is based on materials provided by OpenBlox. For more information, visit OpenBlox’s website. Also, please read this important notice.

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RunBlox is a web3 app from OpenBlox; an EVM-based NFT Gaming Platform focusing on Play and Earn and IP Branding that leverages one set of Blox NFTs and tokens across all games in the OpenBlox universe. At its core, OpenBlox is based on 7,998 genesis blox NFTs, which can breed based on a gene mechanism and be used across the OpenBlox #Bloxverse, integrating games and web3 solutions.


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