RugDoc Expands to Avalanche to Keep DeFi Users Secure

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RugDoc’s expertise in code auditing will help make DeFi applications and users even safer

RugDoc, an organization that audits code on community projects and provides free educational resources to make DeFi safer, is expanding to Avalanche. This expansion enables users to quickly assess the safety of new Avalanche DeFi projects and develop risk management strategies. Now live on Avalanche, RugDoc will monitor the Avalanche ecosystem, notify users of scams, and publish educational content.

The Avalanche dedicated section on the RugDoc homepage will continually add audits over time and make it easier for users to navigate through the Avalanche ecosystem.

“RugDoc is thrilled to expand to the Avalanche Community and work with it on our mission of making DeFi safer. By working together with the community, we will be able to better serve DeFi users with current, in-the-moment information relevant to the Avalanche platform. We look forward to developing Avalanche-specific content and working with new projects to their chain in implementing best practices!” The Rug Doctor, CEO of RugDoc IO

For more information and to stay informed on the most important RugDoc news, visit its website and join its communities on Twitter and Telegram.

About is a community-run organization focused on making DeFi safer by protecting, educating, and providing tools for as many people as possible as they interact with projects in the cryptosphere.

RugDoc has also expanded to cover other aspects of DeFi, including DegenDoc, which aims at covering general strategies on yield farming, and FarmDoc, our subscription-based service for premium yield farming strategies.

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