SnowTrace: Bringing Etherscan to the Avalanche Community

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Etherscan overhauls and expands core explorer functionality for Avalanche DeFi ecosystem.

Today, a new tool joins the suite of Avalanche infrastructure with SnowTrace, an implementation of Etherscan custom-built for the Avalanche blockchain.

Etherscan is Ethereum’s most popular blockchain explorer, helping users not only track and understand block-level activity on the network, but also access advanced, value-adding features such as a transaction history API, effortless smart contract verification, and aggregated network statistics.

Avalanche is growing at a rapid pace, hitting new all-time highs in user activity, including transaction volume, unique addresses (now over 584,000), and assets transferred from Ethereum to Avalanche over the Avalanche Bridge ($5.3B). Total Value Locked (TVL) has increased from $300M in August to over $8.4B today, according to data from DeFi Llama.

SnowTrace replaces the existing Avalanche C-Chain Explorer to deliver a more highly-performant, feature-filled experience for the global community of Avalanche developers and users. It joins Avascan and Avalanche Stats as premiere explorers helping enrich the Avalanche community experience.

It will also be a core resource for developers to verify smart contracts on Avalanche, bringing greater assurances for users interested in accessing their applications.

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