Stardust Adds Avalanche, Providing Powerful New Scaling Solutions for Game Developers

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Stardust brings convenient wallet and low-code NFT tools, teaming up with Ava Labs on an accelerator to drive game development for Web2 game developers and new Web3-native studios.

Stardust, a seamless solution for developers to integrate NFTs into their games in just a few lines of code, has added Avalanche C-Chain and Subnet (coming soon) compatibility. Hundreds of game developers using Stardust can now easily onboard millions of mainstream players through Stardust’s custodial wallet and conveniently integrate NFTs into their projects, all while taking advantage of Avalanche’s Subnet scaling and customization, greater security, and leading time to finality.

With expansion to Avalanche, Stardust continues to diversify its toolset that aims to empower game developers leveraging NFTs, while reducing the cost, technical, and speed-to-market barriers that have slowed mainstream NFT adoption among game developers.

Additionally, Stardust and Avalanche have created an accelerator program aimed at making it easy for Web2 game developers and Web3-native studios to integrate NFTs into their games using Stardust’s low-code solution. For more information on how to participate in this program, contact Stardust’s team.

“Until now, both independent and established game developers have struggled to build on blockchain due to inherent complexities,” said Gordon Grove, Stardust Head of Product. “With the addition of Avalanche, Stardust adds a powerful blockchain network that allows us to continue to eliminate the barriers to building with NFTs.”

“Partners like Stardust are making it easier for all gaming developers to build on Avalanche and integrate NFTs into their projects,” said Ed Chang, Head of Gaming at Ava Labs. “We’re excited that hundreds of partners already working with Stardust are now able to easily build on Avalanche C-Chain and Subnets as a scaling solution.”

For more on the accelerator program, visit Stardust’s website and connect with their team.

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