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One-stop-shop for enriched blockchain data and API service indexing Avalanche Subnets.

Avalanche is pleased to announce the beta launch of Glacier API, a developer’s one-stop-shop for all enriched blockchain data from Avalanche and Ethereum and the official API service indexing Avalanche Subnets.

The Glacier API Beta gives developers a wide range of useful data for explorer and wallet services, token transfers and more. Originally created to power the Avalanche Subnet Block Explorer, Glacier also powers Core Wallet — providing balances, transfers, and associated metadata for native assets, ERC-20 tokens and NFTs.

With Glacier, application developers can easily build products that leverage real-time and historical transaction data — all served through highly performant APIs. Developers that join the Glacier API Beta will get access to the platform’s service for free and have the opportunity to shape future feature development.

Glacier’s capabilities as a powerful indexed blockchain data provider will expand to include additional raw and derived transaction data as user feedback helps guide this process.

Avalanche will be giving away limited-edition merchandise at random to developers that demo Glacier and submit User Experience surveys or bug reports. To learn more about Glacier API join the discussion on the Avalanche Forum.

Join now and begin building!

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