The Tie Launches NFT & GameFi Dashboards Providing Deep Visibility into Avalanche

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The integration unlocks greater transparency into Avalanche data, giving users a fuller picture of gaming and NFT activity on Avalanche.

The Tie, the leading data and analytics provider for digital assets, has released a public-facing dashboard for Avalanche GameFi and NFTs. The dashboard provides new visibility into on-chain and off-chain metrics for the Avalanche ecosystem. This release is the first part in a larger initiative to provide deeper Avalanche data to the public, covering GameFi and NFTs at launch and expanding to Avalanche’s DeFi and additional data sets in the coming months.

This free, public-facing dashboard provides the Web3 community of users and developers with a host of metrics around Avalanche GameFi and NFTs, covering both overall market health and performance of individual projects.

Many existing data aggregators have struggled to provide an accurate view of activity on Avalanche, with distinct challenges for GameFi and NFTs respectively. With GameFi, much of the activity on Avalanche takes place on Subnets — custom, app-specific blockchains. By consolidating GameFi data from both Avalanche’s C-Chain and Subnets, The Tie has delivered a comprehensive view.

The Avalanche GameFi sector has shown strong growth, with on-chain GameFi volumes increasing by more than 18% relative to the previous 30-day period.

At launch, the GameFi section Dashboard covers the leading games built on Avalanche, and will cover additional games that have been announced but are launching next year, including Shrapnel, Pocket Worlds, Ascenders, Fableborne, Pulsar, and more.

With NFTs, there are several leading marketplaces, which has created a fragmented data landscape. The Tie has consolidated and unified NFT data for the leading exchanges, giving users a complete view of NFT sales and activity across multiple marketplaces, including Joepegs, Opensea, NFTrade, Kalao, and Campfire.

Avalanche’s NFT ecosystem is growing as well: in the last 30 days, Avalanche NFT sales volume (denominated in AVAX) has increased by 30% compared to the previous 30 day period. The total number of Avalanche NFT sales has grown by more than 33% relative to the previous 30 day period.

The Tie’s Co-Founder & CEO Joshua Frank commented, “The Tie has established itself as the leading provider of digital assets data to institutional investors. We are excited to open a subset of that institutional-grade data to the public for free and specifically on Avalanche, one of the fastest growing and most diverse ecosystems in crypto.”

“We are thrilled that our community and partners can now get their hands on The Tie’s powerful Avalanche data analytics and intuitive display,” said Lydia Chiu, VP of Business Development at Ava Labs, on behalf of Blizzard. “Now, gamers, game developers, and anyone with an interest in Avalanche can quickly explore and understand the incredible activity across the network.”

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