Unifty.io Brings No-Code NFT Factory to Avalanche & Launches an NFT Farming Initiative

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Unifty.io, the infrastructure for the creator economy, is expanding their NFT minting and farming capabilities to Avalanche.

Unifty, a decentralized multi-chain infrastructure platform focused on NFT’s, has expanded its NFT farms and marketplace capabilities to Avalanche. Users can now easily mint their own NFT’s or create NFT farms in a matter of minutes. The new NFT toolkit is a welcome addition to the Avalanche ecosystem that will enable no code users to bring their NFT projects to life.

NFT’s have boomed in 2021, with major NFT projects surging 1,700%+ by market cap, according Forbes. In addition, sales for NFTs in Q1 2021 reached $2B, more than 20x the volume from the previous quarter.

“Leveraging the NFT standards pioneered on Ethereum (ERC1155), Unifty users will be able to make full utilization of batch and large transfers that require high throughput capabilities, a unique proposition offered by Avalanche” — Markus Bopp, CEO and Founder of Unifty.io

Creators building with the Unifty toolkit can now experience the Avalanche difference with straightforward tooling and low fees. In Q1, several NFT projects launched on Avalanche, including: Crypto Seals, Snowies, Avaxtars, Avalanche Punks, and more. The NFT toolkit from Unifty will only further accelerate and expand the NFT economy on Avalanche.

Users can now mint NFTs and add functionality, including customizable NFT farms, on Avalanche’s C-chain here.

Tip of The Iceberg ? NFT Competition

To commemorate the integration of Unifty on Avalanche, Unifty is announcing the Tip of The Iceberg NFT competition. Unifty initially released a set of four limited edition, Avalanche-themed NFT’s within their farm. Holders can stake WAVAX (Wrapped AVAX) to earn points that can be redeemed for limited edition NFTs.

In addition, community members can now submit artwork (still images, videos, GIFs) to be considered for inclusion in the series. Seven works that embrace the Tip of the Iceberg theme will be selected and included on Unifty.io’s Tip of the Iceberg NFT farm, with the winners receiving rewards each time an NFT is redeemed. To be eligible, community members should share their entries by Wednesday 12 May 2021 (2359 UTC) on Twitter with the hashtag #TipOfTheIceberg, and join the Unifty Telegram channel t.me/unifty. Winners will be notified on 14 May 2021. For details, please contact the Unifty team on Telegram or Twitter.


About Unifty

Unify.io is a decentralized multi-chain infrastructure platform with a focus on the creator economy and its main target is the development and enablement of fully decentralized no-code solutions for creators with all things and services around the NFT space.

Core features of UNIFT include: Multichain NFT Bridge, Multichain Farm Builder, Multichain NFT Collection Manager, Multichain NFT Factory

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