Winners of the Avalanche Subnet Tutorial Contest

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Announcing the contest winners that will help the next crop of Avalanche builders launch exciting new Subnets.

Recently, Avalanche called for developers to rise to an occasion: a contest for the best tutorials explaining to other devs how to launch Avalanche Subnets. Subnets are, of course, Avalanche’s means of scaling infinitely. Any creator was able to submit a written tutorial, with selected tutorials eligible to win some of the cool $32,000 prize pool.

We’re pleased to announce the winners!

Customizing Subnet-EVM Genesis File ($2,000)

Wildcard: show off what you did with subnets, creative topic ($2,000)

Environment for Local Subnet Development ($2,000)

Extend Subnet-EVM with Custom Functionality ($5,000)

Use an ERC-20 C-chain Token as the Gas Fee Token ($3,500)

A giant thank you to our winners, and another to all who participated. Winners will be contacted soon. Thank you again!

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