Winners of the Moralis Avalanche Hackathon

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Announcing the winners of the biggest Avalanche Hackathon to date with $500K in prizes

Avalanche just completed its largest hackathon to date, with a total of $500,000 awarded in prizes. Moralis and Avalanche joined forces to host the three-month battle, which supercharged the development of dApps, Web3 apps, and DeFi projects built on Avalanche. Thanks to Moralis, valued partners, and VC investors, the Moralis Avalanche Hackathon has been a huge success!

All Grand Prize finalists were invited to showcase their project during a public Demo Day (watch the recap here!) in front of a prominent panel of judges:

  • Ivan on Tech: CEO & Founder at Moralis
  • Kevin Sekniqi: Chief Operating Officer at Ava Labs
  • Luigi D’Onorio DeMeo: Head of DeFi at Ava Labs
  • Julien Bouteloup: Founder at Stake DAO and Core Team at Curve Finance
  • JD Gagnon: Co-Founder of BENQI
  • Justin Trollip: CEO at Pangolin
  • Cryptofish: Co-Founder at Trader Joe
  • Nicola Santoni: Principal at Lemniscap

Congratulations to the following Moralis Avalanche Hackathon winners!

Grand Prizes Winners

The top three contestants won a total of $175K which will be distributed amongst them. To qualify for the top three prizes, participants had to build on both Moralis and Avalanche.

1st prize: ($100,000)


Musing is a decentralized Q&A protocol where you can mine tokens by creating great questions and answers. We give users ownership over the content they create.


  • Jonathan Ching
  • Mhykl Nieves
  • Mervin Villaceran

Links: WebsiteGithub

2nd prize: ($50,000)

Web3 push notifications you control.

Team: Charif Mews

Links: WebsiteGithub

3rd prize: ($25,000)

Astrocave Academy

A Gamified Education Platform and portfolio tracker that follows your Decentralized Finance learning journey, tracks your progress and provides guidance along the process.


  • Kilian Henner (Degen of Growth)
  • Carlos Perezpriego (Dev Lead)
  • Alan (Design Lead)
  • Joon Kiim (Partnerships & Media team)
  • Kumakun (Creative director)
  • Quinn Eschenbach (Dev)
  • Dieter Menzel (BD)
  • Luis Homann (Managing wizard)
  • Nerzhioua (Tokenomics help)
  • Joaquin A.Morales (Designer)
  • Nils Wippermann (Content Lead)

Links: WebsiteGithub

Bounty Winners

Snowball bounty winners

Best Implementation of Opt-in Notification Systems for dApps ($30,000 total split $15,000 each)


Personalized, proactive alerts for the Web3 world.

Team: Brad Sileo

Links: WebsiteGithub

Web3 push notifications you control.

Team: Charif Mews

Links: WebsiteGithub

Yield Yak bounty winners

Best Yield Yak Front-End Integration ($20,000)

Yak Spirit

Yak Spirit is built on top of Yield Yak to give users a better UX of token swap on Avalanche.


  • Maksim Shcherbak
  • Nastya Glukhikh
  • Imran Ibragimov

Links: WebsiteGithub

Best Use of Yield Yak’s Interest-Bearing Assets ($20,000)


Motoverse is a different take on DeFi investment with uniquely minted collectible motorbikes utilizing ERC721 non-fungible tokens (NFTs).


  • Dominik Regec
  • Pavel Schoffer
  • Vaclav Placek

Links: WebsiteGithub

IPFS bounty winners

Best Use of IPFS or NFT.Storage for Content-Addressed Data ($30,000 total split $10,000 each)


Cratch is a fully decentralized MetaStreaming platform that allows users to create or watch live streams in a Metaverse world, while rewarding users from every minute spent in the platform.


  • Rais Youssef
  • Julia Mendeleve
  • Daniel Palacio
  • Nikita Chernushov

Links: WebsiteGithub

Your Meta World

Your Meta World is a brand new Metaverse created as an entry into the Moralis Avalanche 2022 Hackathon. YourMeta.World is a proof of concept for what is possible when the Metaverse is truly decentralized.

Team: Naail El-Sawah

Links: WebsiteGithub


Domain name registration for IPFS decentralized applications on Avalanche.

Team: Artur

Links: WebsiteGithub

Covalent Bounty winners

Best Use of the Covalent API ($20,000 total split $2,000 each)

Physical Web3

“Walk Up and Use Anything”: The Physical Web 3 is a decentralized approach to enabling quick and seamless interactions with physical objects and locations powered by smart contracts.

Team: ​​Giancarlo Sanchez

Links: WebsiteGithub

Whoosh Finance

Crypto portfolio tracker: easily track your crypto, all in one place.

Team: Devin Kopp, Ben Fernandez, Suraj Shah, Shubham Gupta

Links: WebsiteGithub

Trader Joe API

A brand new Trader Joe API that leverages Covalent APIs.


  • leo.polymath#5103
  • thepalmtrees#3090

Links: WebsiteGithub


A multi-chain DAO constructor for collective crypto management.


  • Vlad, Egor
  • Zurab, Anna

Links: WebsiteGithub

PRISMA Finance

Agnostic Yield Aggregator Platform and Metaverse Bridge.


  • Florian Winter
  • Thorolf Winter
  • Timo Schuck

Links: WebsiteGithub


Simplified data visualization ecosystem that highlights relevant smart wallet activity.


  • Dragos Stan
  • Bogdan Culda
  • Robert Mititelu
  • Emily Li

Links: WebsiteGithub

DeFi Dash

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and manual portfolio trackers. DeFi Dash is here to provide an automated portfolio management solution for tracking the overall health of your Defi wallet.


  • Nazim Zeeshan
  • Jazeel Ferry

Links: WebsiteGithub


Created Focused Gamified Community Platform.


  • Karan Pujara
  • Jaydip Patel
  • Rahul Singh

Links: WebsiteGithub


Moralis, Covalent & IPFS wrapped SDK for Python dApp Development.

Team: Issa Kalonji

Links: Github

GiftCards NFT

Turn your birthday cards into NFTs, digitize your memories forever.

Team: Alb Car

Links: WebsiteGithub


Best Use of Chainlink Technology ($20,000 total split $2,000 each)

Crypto Adventure

“Create your own adventure” platform.

Team: Karl Turner

Links: WebsiteGithub

Factor XUSD

Factor XUSD is a stable yieldcoin (yield bearing stablecoin) on Avalanche.


  • 0xKirkjufell
  • 0xAnnapurna
  • 0xEverest

Links: WebsiteGithub


TubeCasts is a service that brings podcast functionality to youtube videos using Web3 technologies.

Team: Ian Griggs

Links: Github

Chainlink Price Feed Easy Integration

The project makes it easy to implement Chainlink price feeds through a decentralized application powered by Moralis.

Team: Gilberts Ahumada

Links: WebsiteGithub

COCODA Finance

Composite. Collateralised. Digital Assets. Own a single crypto asset which behavles exactly like the portfolio of tokens and funds that fit your preferences and risk appetite. Your very own CTF (Chain Traded Fund).


  • Niel Malan
  • Balu Yadavali

Links: Website


Domain name registration for IPFS decentralized applications on Avalanche

Team: Artur

Links: WebsiteGithub

EverRise: EverStats

EverStats makes real-time insights about all aspects of EverRise easily accessible to the community and team in their preferred medium. EverChart: YouTube live chart feed, EverWatch: Twitter price bot, and on website stats.

Team: Ben, Jason

Link: WebsiteGithub

World of Hackathon Wingbirds

Hackathon RPGTeam Building For Birds. W0HW is a platform, a game and a structure to attack the problem of team building.


  • Cromewar
  • Tippi Fifestarr

Links: WebsiteGithub


META DAO Agents aims to create the very first smart DAO where community members are able to gain insights in the crypto market through utilising in-house data driven AI models and robo agents.

Links: Website


Crypto-based on-demand services ecosystem.

Team: Seree (Ted) Thongkamtan, Brian Frost

Links: WebsiteGithub


The First index on Avalanche

Vista Protocol ($2,000)

Vista is a decentralized, fully on-chain exchange for perpetual futures (or perps for short) built on Avalanche.

Team: Ishaan Hiranandani, George Fane, Sai Yerra

Links: WebsiteGithub

Pocket Index

Avalanche crypto index with the aim of normalizing the use of crypto.

Team: Mir Imad Ahmed

Links: WebsiteGithub


DefiReturn is building software to help DeFi investors calculate their on-chain profit and loss. This feature unlocks two use cases: portfolio and tax returns.

Team: Alon Bochman

Links: WebsiteGithub


($30,000 total split $10,000 each)


The Hourglass NFT not only provides a way to transact and trade vested tokens but also to earn interest with them. And even more if you keep them in the NFT once unlocked.

Team: Henning MEHNERT, Nadhir ABDELLATIF

Links: urlgithub


FutureValue aims to create a secondary market for vested tokens on the Avalaunch IDO platform.

Team: Julius Jeffreys

Links: WebsiteGithub


NFT Auction House & Physically Redeemable NFT Marketplace.


  • Rakib Ahamed
  • Eduardo Moreira
  • Arsani Boshra
  • Utkarsh Baviskar
  • Tony Ignatious

Links: Website

Again, congratulations to the winners! For those who wanted to participate or follow along, there will be many more Avalanche hackathons to come. Keep up with Avalanche on the Discord server and across other community channels to learn more and stay in the loop!

Thank you to all of the valuable partners and VC partners who made this event possible:

Avalaunch, Covalent, BenQi, Trader Joe, Yield Yak, Snowball, Pangolin, Penguin Finance,, Chainlink, Crabada, Colony, Alpha Finance, and Filecoin. These partners are joined by leading venture capital firms like Three Arrows Capital, Republic Crypto, AP Capital, Galaxy Digital, GBV Capital, Gerstenbrot Capital, Alameda Ventures, GSR, Hypersphere, Mechanism, Woodstock Capital, Lemniscap, and AVentures DAO.

*Disclaimer: Please be careful when accessing the demo links provided for each project. Keep in mind that most of these projects are at a very early stage and haven’t been audited. You should use a test wallet for authenticating/interacting with the smart contracts.

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About Moralis

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Moralis’ plug-and-play functionality is built to be cross-chain compatible from the ground up. As such, Moralis features support for Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Arbitrum and, of course, Avalanche. Consequently, Moralis allows you to do everything from NFT game development to creating an NFT marketplace. Moralis’ full Avalanche support allows you to connect to Avalanche nodes, build Avalanche dApps, and much more!

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